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Monday, 22 April 2013

RENOKIN tried and tested

I've edited and written about beauty products for the past ten years, yet I still get a thrill out of finding a new cult product. There are so many on the market but it takes something pretty special for me to add to my wish list. I've tried and tested everything from swiss chocolate facials, frozen yogurt hair masks to lip enhancing glosses and of course, the ubiquitously written about, creme de la mer.

I have most recently been asked to test the Hair strengthening shampoo and conditioner by RENOKIN aimed to give fuller and more lustrous hair. The products are marketed at people who may have experienced hair loss or have very fine hair that doesn't grow easily, though the product also claims to improve, even normal healthy hair, aiming to thicken, strengthen and fast-track the growth rate.

So, down to the science, three main active ingredients found in RENOKIN start with CG-Keramin-2 which prevents damage to hair cells caused by stress, UV exposure and other environmental factors, as well as providing nutrition to the scalp and hair root for a healthier and thicker hair shaft. The product also contains CG-Wint which stimulates new hair placode formation and generates new hair folicles. CG-Nokkin is the final active ingredient which inhibits hair loss. The ingredients work in synergy and are designed to fortify the hair and scalp condition, creating a healthy environment for hair restoration.

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with healthy hair with a good growth rate, however my hair is long and I do tend to malt with lots of hair coming out in my brush and in the shower so I was very keen to put it to the test. Oh to have a bathroom free of scattered hair and a clear hairbrush!

So over the next thirty days I am hoping to see less hair coming out in my brush as well as less hair down the plug hole. If the growth rate speeds up and my hair appears more lustrous then it will be a bonus. As I'm still growing my hair it would also be great to boost the volume slighty in order to get more body - my hair is straight so this if one thing it tends to lack.

Day one of using RENOKIN and I like the consistency, it lathers well and although the smell isn't what I would call 'heavenly', it is pleasant and not too perfumed. The directions state to lather for a full fifteen seconds prior to leaving on the scalp for a further 30 seconds. I experience a very slight tingling sensation after lathering, not disimilar to that of using a mint-infused shampoo.

The conditioner is recommended for use only on the ends and lengths of the hair and should be left in for around a similar time. My hair combed through well after washing though the texture did feel a little different to normal.

When blow drying with my brush I made a quick analysis of the amount of hair surfacing. At the moment it's pretty normal but I shall be keeping a close eye on this over the coming weeks. After my regular blow dry my hair looks shiny and healthy, though perhaps not quite as full bodied as normal, perhaps down to a change of product but I have high hopes for RENOKIN so watch this space..

One week into testing RENOKIN and I am feeling a little indifferent towards the product. I'm not overly keen on the tingling sensation felt whilst massaging into my scalp and I'm finding that although my hair feels smooth, it perhaps isn't as lustrous as with my normal shampoo & conditioner. Also I expected to see a little more volume. However, it is early days and it's a well known fact that after changing a shampoo it can take time for the hair to adapt.

On the plus side, I didn't notice as much hair shedding this week and my brush seems to be clearer so I will endeavour to lather, leave for thirty seconds, apply conditioner to the ends and lengths and wait for, what I am hoping, will be some rather fabulous results.

After two weeks of testing RENOKIN and I am noticing a distinct difference in my hair. Firstly there is a difference in the the texture and secondly the overall condition. My lockes most definitely feel more voluminous and the protective hair cuticles seem to be smoothed down, giving a very sleek look. It also appears to be a lot more tangle-free which is great as I don't have to brush it so often.

I've been studying my hairbrush with careful precision and I have to say, even after just two weeks of using the product, there is a further decrease in the amount of hair that I'm shedding. The shower is also notably clearer of stray hairs, which in turn, is making my life a lot easier.

The only thing I'm not 100% about is my colour seems to have lightened slightly but that could be due to the fact that we have finally been blessed with some sunshine. I'm looking forward to studying the results further but so far, so good. RENOKIN I am impressed.

Three weeks after I began using RENOKIN and my hair finally seems to be adapting to the ingredients. It is looking super-sleek, shiny and bouncy. I've been feeling rather flattered since been stopped by people wanting to know what shampoo I am using and over the last week received more compliments regarding my hair than I can remember. However, the question still on my mind is, has there been an increase in the volume of my hair and perhaps more importantly still, a decrease in hair loss. I have one more week of testing RENOKIN so here's hoping the answer to both will be a resounding yes.

Four weeks after I begun using RENOKIN and I have now come to the end of testing both the shampoo and conditioner. I am happy to say that I have most definitely noticed an improvement in the overall condition of my hair throughout the thirty day trial. My hair is looking full bodied, lustrous and immensely shiny. Over the last month I have received many compliments, some from total strangers, asking what hair products I am currently using.

I have also experienced a great deal less ‘shedding’ of hair after washing, blow-drying and brushing which is brilliant as this has been one of the ongoing perils of having long hair that is in constant need of being brushed. I would say that the amount of hair to now be found in my hair brush/shower etc has halved at the very least.

So, if asked if I would recommend RENOKIN the answer would have to be a resounding yes to anybody aiming to improve the voluminosity and overall strength of their hair. Also to anyone who has experienced hair loss, has fine hair or sheds a lot of hair after washing, brushing and styling.

Having trialled so many products, I must admit that I was sceptical of the concept of this shampoo and conditioner. However, I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to my old shampoo and the unclogging of the plug hole just yet.. thank you RENOKIN - it has been a pleasure.


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