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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Maggie Fashion

Margaret Thatcher and her sartorial choices.

This week saw the death of Margaret Thatcher and although I have never been a habitual conservative follower, as a child of the eighties, I felt the need to write about the woman who managed to somehow marry her outfits with her political views, her clothing alone spoke volumes to thousands through photographic stills.

Maggie was a figure in the fashion world renown for her statement dressing and now the trends she has left behind. She lived to the grand age of 87 and though not necessarily considered a fashion icon, she most definitely left her sartorial mark on a generation. She will be well remembered for her safe yet influential choices that saw her through her leading lady days.

During her reigning years she was famed for her sartorial staples including a string of pearls given to her by her husband Dennis, pussy bow blouses, an Asprey handbag and a seemingly endless supply of fitted skirt suits in every shade of blue from royal to navy.

Her inimitable look has come to define an era. Her Asprey bag, which became synonymous with her conservative but feminine style, sold at Christie's for a rather impressive £25.000

Her daughter Carol famously said that 'she hoped the highest bidder knows that if he is into 'handbagging' he's got a weapon with quite a track record. After all my mother invented the verb 'to handbag'.'

I myself am a fan of the pussy bow, a favourite amongst trendy office-goers alike and a good handbag, along with a stiletto, is always my go-to investment piece. So Maggie Thatcher, I salute you for mastering the dutiful task of fusing fashion with politics.  Here was a woman more powerful than any of the men that surrounded her but she never let go of her femininity. Her clothes were her armour and a weapon. The Iron Lady whose sartorial choices, will remain part of history.

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