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Monday, 26 December 2011

What bath-time means to me.

Bath time tales in 150 words

There is no other place I feel I can totally unwind and lose myself in my thoughts as I can whilst sinking into the bathtub. Bath time to me is a place of escapism, a place to lie back and dream whilst cocooned in the warmth of the water and the  heady scent of rose and geranium oils. In the bathtub time stands still, my senses are revitalised and my body relaxes. As the day ebbs away I come back, creativity is found and a new ideas are born in the moment. I can stare at the paint peeling off the ceiling, read a novel, doze to the flicker of a candle or get lost in my thoughts, for when I’m in the bathtub, time is my own and the world outside is a merely a place where I have existed and will return to only when the water runs cold.

My top five bath indulgences.

1 - Beautannia bath and shower gel in Brideshead bottles the floral essence of quintessential England which I love. Fresh, feminine purity whispers timeless elegance as wintersweet, wild bluebell and honeysuckle softly lace with plum, peach and violet leaves - a true revelry of nature's finest bouquet.

2 - Morrocan Rose Otto bath oil by Ren. This scent is heavenly and intoxicating. The oil leaves your skin incredibly soft and nouished so you don't need to reach for the body moisturiser afterwards. A perfect time saver when you have spent too long lazing in the bath!

3 - Fig and Coco natural olive oil soaps form the amazing two storey barn conversion in Ross-on-Wye - Baileys. The scents are heavenly and the infusion of olive oil is also great for your skin..far more than just a bar of soap!

4 - Jo Malone Red Roses/Wild Figs & Cassis bath oils. Whilst the former is like bathing in rose petals - seven types of rose petal blooms in the water leaving the sensuality of honeycomb, clove and musk lingering on the skin. The latter transports you to the warmth of the Mediterranean as you relax in the embracing scent of sun-warmed wild figs blended with cassis, cyclamen, pine and cedar. I've used these oils for years. They are pure heaven.

5 - Diptique candles - I use Philosykos. For the ultimate bath-time experience, bathe by candle light and let the freshness of fig leaves, green fruit, milky sap and the bark envelope you whilst you while away the hours.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Beauty Bumpkin

So this post is aimed at beauty junkies like myself who are always looking for a cult product that in some way will change our lives for the better. The type of beauty buy that after just one use you know that you cannot live without. Having edited beauty pages, I have tried and tested hundreds of products and I'd like to share some of my favourites..but shhh don't tell everyone!
Here are my top ten products that save me daily.. 

1 - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I have used this for years and am never without it in my bag. Every photo shoot I have been on this product has been in the beauty kit! It makes for the best lip balm, giving long lasting gloss whilst nourishing your lips at the same time. It's also multi- purpose and can be used as a moisturiser for chapped dry skin, a gloss to tame unruly  brows and a skin healer for minor cuts and burns.

2 - Talika 'Liposils'. Eyelash conditioning gel. The best product out there for healthy and long eyelashes. Fantastic for days when mascara is too much.

3 - Nars 'Laguna' bronzer. The most natural looking bronzer on the market, it gives me an instant glow so I can face the world even after next to no sleep with a hangover.

4 - Lancome Juicy Tube in Marshmallow. The best lip gloss known. Perfect consistency and sheer pink colour. This product is rare.

5 - Keils Creme de Corps body lotion. This oh-so-buttery lotion keeps my skin soft all year round. A little goes a long way and it has the most perfect non greasy texture. 

6 - Blinc mascara. You can swim, cry and get caught in the rain wearing this and it will stay put yet all you need to take it off is a cleansing cloth & warm's a product that speaks for itself.

7 - Eve Lom cleanser. Good skin starts with cleansing and this product used with a muslin cloth gives for the most satisfying and deepest cleanse before bed, removing make-up and exfoliating the skin at the same time.

8 - Eve Lom rescue mask. A real pick me up for tired, stressed skin that needs a glow. Great to use before a party!

9 - Traite shampoo. Sulphate free, it is gentle &  nourishing leaving hairr uber glossy.

10 - Ren 'Rose Otto' Bath oil. This heavenly oil not only smells divine but leaves your skin feeling like silk.

11 - Okay I knew I couldn't keep it to ten! Last one..Origins 'No Puffery' eye mask. A life saver for tired, puffy eyes. I couldn't face the day without it. 

What I'll always do - drink tons of water and exercise daily.

What I'll never do - go to bed without removing make-up, ewww!

True beauty is found within.. smile!