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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Surviving January

Having survived the festive season, which as a fashionista, is a time to relish in a sartorial dream of garments dripped in sequins and sparkle, it is now time to survive January - an altogether much larger deal. Survival of this month is a hard task and a month every fashionista loathes - January sales consisting of tired looking clothes dominating the rails, SS collections a million miles away and even if they were just around the corner your far too skint to even think about a shopathon. Having been deprived of sleep from all the late nights, bloated from over-indulging and in a constant state of hangover, January is not a month where you are looking or feeling your best. To put it bluntly you are washed out, sluggish, suffering from dark circles and dare I say it even the odd spot. You are having champagne withdrawal, your J brand skinny jeans are rather on the tight side and yes, your butt definitely isn’t looking so pert. Generally the feeling is 'burnt out'. And then there are resolutions, where you are meant to start the new year somehow bettering yourself with ‘ I will exercise three times a week’ and ‘I will be more organised, a better friend, on time, tidier, drink less, cook more, shop less, save money, donate to charity blah, blah, blah’. Crikey, it’s no wonder January is the most depressing month of the year! So, to tackle the January blues I  have to decided to begin 2012 a little differently, with less pressure on myself and a whole different outlook. If you want to call them new years resolutions then so be it but I strongly recommend that you follow the mantra below if you want to survive the month ahead and come out the other side feeling bright eyed and fabulous..

- Drink cocktails! Even if it’s just one at happy hour you will feel brighter.

- Relax in the bathtub as often as possible.

- Lose yourself in a good book for hours on end.

- Read Vogue & Pop - the editorial pages splashed with colour and new collections will transport you to a brighter place.

- Get a puppy! January is a great time to bring a four legged, waggy tailed friend into your life. The joy is endless and the walking will keep you fit without knowing it.

- Do lunch with friends and don’t pass on a glass of bubbly.

- Have a girly night in - a giggle over a cheesy film and a face pack is magic at this time of year.
- Wear heels more - they transport you to another place!

- Invest in some new music and dance, dance, dance.

- Fall in  love with something new, however ridiculous it may be..

- Watch movies in your Pj’s even if it’s a Sunday afternoon.

- Sleep for as long as you feel necessary!


- Put pressure on yourself to exercise too much.

- Cut out all the things you love.

- Work too hard.

- Take up a new hobby just because you feel you should.

- Analise your life too much.

- Do anything you don’t want to do.

- Hoover and tidy unnecessarily.

- Give up chocolate.

- Wear tracksuit bottoms all the time.

- Hibernate until the February..

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